Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reaching Out To Our Community

by: Aline Teresa L. Mendoza - PHL

This is my second year in GVC and this time our team mates are from Thailand and US and we are GVC 10-26. The entire duration of this pr
oject was really very amazing. The most amazing part about joining GVC is that they are teaching us about giving ourselves to others. They encourage us to give something back to our community.

Our school this year have the same goal, the entire school year, our school's administrators encouraged every year level to do community outreach work, and the entire school studentry responded. Our fourth year students he
lped the nearby community by donating food, and clothes to families who experienced fire. Our third year students, went to different public schools and teach elementary students.

While our second year students, went to Gawad Kalinga to help in building of houses. Then our first year students went to different orphanages to donate food and clothings. Sadly, our documentations on the above activities were very poor, so I do not have any pictures so we could share our experiences.

We also came up with an idea of selling Filipino food during our YMSAT (Science) week (Jan 24 to Jan 29) to raise funds for the godparent program of our school's foundation. We did it during our Science week, because there would be a lot of students and teache
rs coming in from different schools. The godparent program of our foundation is to really help financially the poorest of our students. Unfortunately, we did not raised a lot of money, but at least the intention was there. While we were raising money, we were also talking to different students and teachers from other schools regarding GVC and its objectives.

Recently, we just had our Students Get Artsy and Takbuhan Pisay. In Students Get Artsy, selected students of our school including my GVC students taught arts (performing and visual arts) to different public schools in Metro Manila.

While Takbuhan Pisay, is a fun run to raise funds for Parent Teacher Association to support various projects of our school. Several of my GVC students also joined in the fun run.

I would repeat everything next school year and get to meet different people again or maybe reconnect with old friends in GVC. :)