Saturday, April 21, 2012

Helping the Hungry in Valencia

In Valencia, several of our teachers and students have been busy all year working to help the hungry in our community.  Two of the students to be honored for their contribution are also members of our GVC1119 team, Elia Yago and Ji Yea Shim.  Congratulations Elia and Ji Yea.  The following is an excerpt from a letter regarding their activity:

Macarron is a volunteer organization working to feed the needy in Valencia. Many of our students have participated in this effort this year. The work of Macarron is being honored at “La Casa Encendida” in Madrid on Friday, April 27. Their efforts are being included in a book titled Heroes Sociales 2.0, featuring different non – profit organizations which use social media to advance their goals. The directors of Macarron have been invited to the ceremony, and they have generously invited ASV students to join them. Five students and two teachers will miss school that day to attend, and they will be gone all day Friday.

More information about the Macarron Project can be found at:

Submitted by Ms. Kathryn House, American School of Valencia